Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Nurses and school teachers are retarded

Okay, so I'm going to bring up a topic that I know a lot of highly intelligent people, such as myself, have had cross their minds, except I'm actually going to have the balls to discuss/rant about it.

Have you ever met a nurse or a school teacher? They might be some of the dumbest "professionals" on the planet. Before you start spouting on about how you know/are related to one of these public fund leaches and they are perfectly intelligent people; stop, you are probably just as stupid.

While all the intellectuals in our western societies become lawyers and bankers, the turds who don't manage to float to the top get into nursing and schooling, kill people with their incompetence, teach our children complete crap with their ineptitude and then have the nerve to go on strike every five minutes about their shitty pay. Don't want to be paid shitty? Get a better job! Oh wait, you can't, because it's the highest paying job that a slobbering retard can get.

Every time I meet a mouth-breathing, blonde bimbo who professes how she's going to be a school teacher while coasting by on C's and D's, I want to hit them. They don't have any problem solving skills, are often from fairly well off backgrounds so could never actually empathise with children from underprivileged backgrounds, and don't have the learning skills themselves to be teaching them. Nurses are even worse.

When I see bogans (rednecks for my American brethren) who think they're intellectuals and ask them what they're studying, they answer nursing. Sick people are being treated by complete air-heads, the type of women who go out binge-drinking and get date-raped frequently. Hell, have you even seen the syllabus for a nursing training course? Anybody with half a brain could ace it with their eyes closed. They wonder why hospitals have such high mortality rates...

Our society is dying because are children are being taught by complete retards, and when they get sick from being too stupid, they get treated by even stupider people. Well done, western world, bravo.

At the very least, people wasting their lives on the arts are only ruining their own lives, rather than the others.

Here at Science Be Damned! I will be trying to come up with a solution to this problem. If you have a suggestion, or a disagreement, be sure to leave a comment, I want to hear what you all have to say.


  1. Well i believe our society doesn't want us to have nice education so we become dump and vote for greedy politicians. They are just part of this system. Great post followed.

  2. As soon as I got to my senior years at school I realized this as well, when I saw that every class came directly from the text book. Great post